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Alexa Skills

September 08 2019

Alexa Skills: How it affects and Benefits Marketing? Do you spend a lot of time scrolling on Amazon? Have you ever wondered how to elevate the quality and effectiveness of your brand? How about increasing its scope into the global one? A lot of strategies and tools for marketing are being used by varying brands and businesses across the world. It is to support the continuous process and development of the brands or businesses. One of the most used strategies and tools for marketing is Alexa Skills. Have you heard about this one? What are Alexa Skills? Alexa Skills refers to the cloud-based voice service that is mostly present in Amazon. It supports the brands to build more capabilities in the form of voice. Specifically, Alexa Skills are an application used for voice search rather than mobile. These skills are starting to gain popularity and quickly change varying marketing changes. Bu using and applying these skills in your brand, it can build experiences for the target audience that are powered by voice command. It enables the target audience to play games or provide specific information about an industry. The information is then asked by the users. Just like any other application, Alexa Skills can also be added to the device of a user for it to perform a specific task made as to its purpose. How Alexa Skills Benefits and Changes Marketing? While these smart Alexa Skills that are based on voice recognition are still making its way to digital marketing, there are no negative impacts or results recorded in connection with it. Since the release of these voice-based applications in 2015, Amazon has reached a total of 30,000 Skills in the US alone. Due to its extreme and quick popularity, it has persuaded Google for it to adapt and create its version called the Google Actions. There are similarities seen once chatbots hit the market. Chatbots are used to provide the audience with the ability to communicate or interact with the brand one-to-one through the most used apps nowadays- Facebook Messenger. Audiences can take a talk with the brands and receive timely updates in a way of much more engaging and personal. This had made an accurate sense supporting the voice focus that is similar to the possible creation for smart devices. But Alexa Skills are not just meant to mimic the apps or chatbots, Alexa Skills are created to further improve and bring them into development. One of the impactful and biggest results provided by Alexa Skills is the introduction of new ways to the audiences for them to interact with services and brands in much more efficient and effective ways. Actions will no longer be needed for even in the simplest way of asking, it can now be done. To shorten these things up, it became more natural and easier. Users or any audiences may say whatever they think or want, but the interface used by Alexa Skills are not able to understand it. It is because of the automatic speech recognition or ASR empowered to the Alexa Skills and its operations. NLU or Natural Language Understanding is also used by Alexa which enables it to understand even conversational language and the meaning of it. Alexa Skills will enable an effective engagement to bond the target audience and the brand together.

Article by: Sly Fox

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