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How to Develop Alexa Skill without Coding

September 07 2019

Develop Alexa Skill without Coding The codeless Alexa Skill is a fantastic feature that is very important in different purposes. When you use it with the combination of Backendess mBaaS, Alexa Skill without coding can be the super-efficient and most potent tool. And in this article, we will give you the steps on how to develop Alexa Skill with no coding. Below will give you the idea about the usual flow between a user and the moving parts of Alexa Skills. 1. The Alexa Skills device will speak as the response to the person who created the command. 2. Alexa Skills will deliver its answers into regular devices. 3. When the order of the user was handled, the service will send responses to Alexa Skills device. 4. The service of API will apply a logic that will handle the order. 5. Alexa Skills will internalize the voice order and will send it to the service of API for the process. The command can also be sent to the Lambda function. 6. The voice echo will send the user's order to the service of Alexa Skills. 7. The preferred user will request the digital device of Alexa Skills, including the Echo Dot, which will invoke the installed application of the user. For you to make an Alexa Skill of Amazon with the help of Backendless, then, the following are the things that you will need. 1. An account in Backendless. 2. An account in the Amazon developer that can utilize with the developer portal of Amazon. 3. After downloading the Backendless SDK for Alexa, install it. How to Create API Service without Coding 1. The first step that you will follow is to enter your account in the Backendless Console. If you don't have a Backendless account yet, then you are required to make it on your own. 2. Click the logo of "Business Logic" that you can only found at the left corner jor the bar icon. After clicking, the screen of API SERVICE will pop up on your screen. 3. After that, hit the "+" sign for you to do your service. You must choose the "without coding" in the pop up of the "New Service." After that, sign in the "Alexa Service" for the name of your preferred service. And, hit the button to SAVE. 4. Backendless will create the service of API and will require you to make your service technique. And your preferred technique will send the request from the Alexa Skill. You can now sign in the "handle Request" for the name of your procedure. You must choose the POST for the entire process and create the argument and name it with "req" and click the "Any Object." 5. Backendless will make the placeholder that is meant for the without coding logic of your preferred technique. Hit the button for Edit that will offer you the Codeless Logic Designer. 6. After opening the Logic Designer, determine the portion for Services of API that will be composed of the AlexaUtils services. The AlexaUtils will also have the works that were offered by the SDK that is designed for Alexa usages.

Article by: Sly Fox

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