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September 07 2019

The Best Alexa Skills for your Daily Living Alexa, being the virtual assistant of Amazon, has a lot of features and exceptional benefits not only in businesses but also in a daily living. Application and adaptation of the skills provided by Alexa provide an easier and productive life, as well as the accomplishment of tasks. Given this, are you aware of the best and most effective Alexa Skills that you can also adapt and imply in your life? Well, we are here to provide it so. Let us now start the countdown! 1. It can search for any missing phone There are times that you tend to misplace or leave your phone from any places. Missing your phone is like having a mini heart attack for phones can contain a lot of essential data and information about life, business, or other else. Fortunately, by using the Where'sMyPhone Skill provided by Alexa, a misplaced or missing phone can be found easily. With this, it can avoid making your team or friends get panic looking for your misplaced phone. 2. Live a Healthy Lifestyle If you find it hard to keep the balance of your daily meal, Alexa Skills can help you with that. Whatever the plan and need concerning living healthily, Alexa Skills can provide. One example is when you are tracking the rate of calories. By using the Nutritionix skill provided by Alexa, maintaining a healthy life and body can be achieved. Say things that you need such as Alexa, tell the food tracker to log a slice of bread and milk or Alexa, ask the food tracker for a calorie and health report. With this, it will be easier for you to record your daily health plans without spending a lot of time and effort, counting it in a notebook. Achieve a healthy living by using this skill. 3. Alexa as a Kitchen Assistant Another benefit and use of Alexa in daily life are by the capability of it to be an effective kitchen assistant. Alexa is designed not only for leisure or other purposes; it can also make your kitchen tasks a lot better and easier. Alexa comes with the ability to help and assist you in your grocery list. If you happened to be out of any spice in the kitchen, Alexa could help in reminding you with other supply or alternatives. My Chef is one of the ALexa Skills that comes handily and efficiently. This skill is paired with the Chefling app that allows you to read and track different recipes, track expiration dates, and shopping lists. It also provides regular reminders about the pantry you have in your kitchen while you are out for a grocery shopping. If you also prepared a lot of meals and tend to forget it in shopping, My Chef sends alerts and reminders for you to reduce frustration. This skill has a lot of features that can be enjoyed to elevate the quality of your kitchen activities. Make your daily living much better and effective by using these mentioned skills. Achieve a comfortable life and be productive always with Alexa Skills.

Article by: Sly Fox

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