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Top Alexa Skills 2019

September 06 2019

Top Voice-Activated Skills in Social Media If you are wondering how to elevate the quality of your brand and its processes in terms of social media users, the application of Alexa Skills is a great choice. This way, it can also help in supporting and building a firm foundation for the overall functioning of your brand in varying social media platforms. It can make success a possible one to reach for you and your team. If you are now looking forward to applying these skills, consider the following ideas. Mastermind Mastermind is one of the most effective Amazon Alexa Skills. It works in the way of sending emails and SMS messages, phone calls, location sharing, ringing the phone, web searching, searching for places, calendar, Google maps navigation, application access, and a lot more. It is considered as the artificial intelligence or cross-platform AI that helps in accomplishing the needed tasks in varying voice-activated devices. These include Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, Apple iPhones, and a lot more. It has a lot of exceptional features which is continually increasing in numbers. However, above all it features, Mastermind supports specific users or devices only such as Apple iPhone. If you try to acquire this skill, make sure that your device is compatible and included in the supported devices. Eyes on You Another skill that can help your brand in terms of social is the Eyes on You. When you are asking the terms Open Eyes on You, Alexa will also ask for the name of the person. After you had responded, Alexa will respond by repeating the name of the person while saying, Alexa is watching you. This may sound goofy, yet it still helps a lot in varying aspects. Also, this skill is composed of dynamic contents and 'eyes on you' is the invocation name. Damn Girl This skill, on the other hand, provides a lot of compliments to make your day way better. This skill makes everyone happy by making them feel that they are strong and beautiful. This is powerful that it can draw a smile eventually after hearing. This skill is also composed of dynamic contents, and the damn girl is the invocation name. Life360 In over 50 million people across the world, this mobile app is used widely. Lidfe360 works by keeping every family happy, sync, and safe together. To enable and use this skill, signing up and adding the family members is needed. Then, whenever you ask Alexa about the location and situation of every family member, it provides the exact information. It provides accurate and reliable information without even opening your phone or any app. If you also add the places, which are listed in your favorite such as school, work, home, mall, park, or other else, Alexa provides information or updates whenever they come in or out of it. These mentioned Alexa Skills benefits a lot of the social aspects by providing the users with efficient and effective services. By using and applying these to your brand, it will never be impossible for you to reach your goals.

Article by: Sly Fox

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